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Let's talk CORE MATERIALS Alice was constructed with materials made from ultralight durable microfibre and hard to peel off. SIZE GUIDE Alice’s size ranging from 4/35 up to 9/40. We encourage to measure your feet in CM and compare with sizing chart. HEEL HEIGHT Alice’s heel height is only 1.0 Inches. This flat heel height is optimum to provide heel comfort and back bone care during long standing and walking backed with our research. SHOE WEIGHT It is only 119GRAMS per side for Alice. INSOLE Alice was embedded with Ortholite Insole. Ortholite Insole provides cushioning-effect for your feet from long walk or standing. It is light-weight and cools your feet and provide humidity control from sweat.

Backed With Ortholite Insole Technology

Our shoes were developed with 'Ortholite Insole' Technology specially designed for those who active, long walk and standing at work place. b02273ee-c625-4c48-96c0-6dfa72a4111c

Made From Premium Knit

knit was used for 'Upper Part' for its lightweight and durable properties compared to PU material which easily to peel-off. Feel like your sweaty feet aired out.

Amazing Lightweight Characteristic

Alice Knit displays amazing lightweight characteristic so that you can focus on comfort without any excess load onto the feet. 746df076-c892-486c-a843-d1cb5f54ac4c 5b4d6f8a-d0ca-4135-85b4-b14118bbffa7

Ray Spectrum Of Colours

With high quality knit fabric, comes with premium colour choice for Alice knit.

Replace Worry, With Comfort

Alice Knit comes with 365 Days Warranty and 1:1 replacement specially for you so you can focus on comfort while we take care the rest. c560ad08-78c7-43b9-aba4-e3bd9c7306eb BOOK NOW


Am I eliglible for shoes exchange after purchase? Yes. We provide 14 working days for shoes exchange process and must comply with exchange policy inside envelope sent together inside the box. How to get my feet size? IJMAL use standard Malaysian size. If you are wearing size 39, then size 39 from IJMAL should not be a problem. If you have received incorrect shoe size for your purchase, we do provide shoes exchange policy. For self-measure size guideline, kindly click link “Size Chart” below. Is Alice suitable for wide-feet condition? Yes. We suggest for other IJMAL shoes series which is MOONA  for extreme wide-feet cases. Is Alice suitable for prolong standing from working? Absolutely yes. Embedded with “Ortholite Insole” technology which assist Alice to provide cushioning-effect at heel area and helps for prolong walking & standing.