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Once upon a time, two lovebirds shared a special thought...

And there was IJMAL, who emerged. A lot of people were wondering about the meaning behind it. Well, IJMAL means beauty.

So let us tell you the story...

A simple query popped up;

       "Honey, which shoe brand do you love the most? And why?"

        She replied, "None. Nothing elates me. What if we created our own?"

Later successfully established in 2015, and here it is. You are stepping into our wonderland. Trust us, we only serve you comfort and timeless footwear.

Evolution IJMAL logo IJMAL 2015

We are proud Malaysians and still work hard to provide specialised footwear liaised with our slogan;

Comfort Experienced Redefined.

We are made by love for loved ones. Finally, there are ours and should be yours too.

IJMAL Founder